🥳 🍾 🍼
We are so excited to announce a new powerful milestone feature in Balloonary!

Integrate your own external pages into Balloonary

We have fully opened up the system to allow our users to integrate any external website, landing page or web shop while still having access to the power of the Balloonary ad campaign funnel builder. Many users have asked us for that important upgrade and we listened. It all works as smoothly as the rest of the funnel components. You just need to drag and drop your page into the ad funnel that you want, connect it via a simple code snipped and the rest is magic!

At Balloonary we are dedicated to the idea of an open infrastructure. This latest upgrade is just one of many steps we have planned for the near future to let you run your marketing campaigns in Balloonary with the tools you love.

Happy campaigning ;-)