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Happy new year to our Balloonary Community. To kick the new year off, we are proud to announce changes to our Page Builder that make it much more flexible!

Let's dive right in:

Element Settings Feature

Balloonary's Page Builder takes a different approach than most run-of-the-mill drag-and-drop solutions. We have implemented strong guide rails to prevent our users from falling into the custom-but-ugly trap. And of course to make creating and editing pages easy and blazingly fast. To keep all those benefits but also increase flexibility and customizability we added the "Elements Settings" feature.

Now you are able to select any editable element in a page, like text fields, images, checkboxes, etc and adjust all fundamental style and typography settings to your liking. The changes you make in an element will override the settings higher up in the hierarchy, like on the Balloon level.

Depending on the type of selected element you can now change:

  • Font Type
  • Font Size
  • Font Weight
  • Line Height
  • Text Color
  • Background Color
  • Border Radius

We hope you will enjoy this new feature as much as we do!

Happy adjusting! ;-)