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Today we're excited to present an update that will allow you to work even faster with Balloonary. Let's dive right in!

A Better User Interface

The only constant in life is change. And the same wisdom applies to good software products too. So we changed large parts of our user interface to help you get things done faster! The page editor now has dedicated tabs to control settings on the balloon, page and section levels. This not only makes configuration of your pages faster right now, it is also the foundation for much more flexible page layouts in the near future.

We also revamped the main sidebar. It now gives you a more direct access to the most used features like Integrations and the Payments Overview. All the user and project settings moved into a central dropdown right at the top of the bar.

And of course, we believe the UI also looks much slicker then before!

But let us know what you think. As always, we're happy to get some conversations started. They help us to make Balloonary better step-by-step. 😉