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This time we're very happy to show off a new feature that has been on our minds for quite some time! Why haven't we released it earlier? Well, sometimes good ideas just need to mature a little before they are ready for the real world. But to be real honest, in this case, we really had different priorities before we could implement our favourite new feature:

Default Balloons

The basic idea is this: All your Balloons live under one domain or subdomain (e.g. warmwool.blnry.com) and are accessible via an additional path component. This path component is automatically generated and made up of three random letters (e.g. warmwool.blnry.com/ABC). Now what happens if one of your visitors just enters the blank domain without the three letter path? So far we just showed the first published Balloon that was available. Of course that is not great if you have a bunch of them and need some control.

So this is what the new Default Balloon feature is giving you: Control over which Balloon to show when the blank domain is opened. To set the Default Balloon, just click the “more icon” next to the Balloon name and choose “Set Default Balloon”. You’ll see a little tag appear on the Balloon and you’re done.

Happy defaulting! ;-)