Once upon a time I had an idea, it was so wonderful and great, trust me, it’s true, that I kept it all to myself out of fear of getting it stolen. And I was so convinced that it was perfect, so different from anything anyone had ever seen, that I just went all-in single-mindedly and...failed!

1: Ideas need love

It has been scientifically proven that babies that are cared for and loved, develop into more balanced human beings. And to grow your business idea, you give it thoughts until you fall in love with it. As much as this is important to get you through the rollercoaster of starting a business, it is as important that you give others the opportunity to love your idea too. All parents love to hear that they have a cute baby.

Make sure you show your idea around, so others get a chance to care for it too. You will be amazed as to how much others are willing to help you with realizing your idea when you tie them in.

2: Feedback is startup gold

But when we are in love with our idea, we are also at risk to see things through rose-colored glasses. Starting a business has so much to give on so many levels, but the reality is that most small businesses fail. So I cannot stress it enough, to go out there and get feedback on your idea. Hit the streets, talk to family and friends, join social network communities of interest, run test ad campaigns, join pitching competitions etc...

Feedback will help you improve on your idea and to ultimately make it better.
My grandmother, who was a very simple and kind woman, once told me “nobody is perfect, neither are you” and neither is your idea just yet.
Check out the article from Virginstartup.org on “How to get feedback on your business” for some inspiration.

3: Take a cut, to take a head

If you follow the advice above diligently, you will get amazing feedback and inevitably some serious beating too. In fighting karate, there is a technique that consists of taking a voluntary hit, in order to expose your opponent to a take-down hit.
However hurtful the feedback maybe at times, take the cut, to give your beloved idea the necessary spin to take off successfully.


What makes us grow into strong human beings and what makes our ideas great, is not being shielded from the outside, it is being exposed to the elements, yet knowing that someone looks after us to help us improvise, adapt and overcome. Are you giving your idea the love it deserves?

(Image source: Background vector created by pikisuperstar - www.freepik.com)