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We are proud to announce that Balloonary is live with a brand new version!

We have been listening to all of your feedback and identified an important but missing piece of the marketing puzzle. So far it wasn't possible to measure actual sales efforts in Balloonary. For some use cases this was a real problem. So we went ahead and implemented a payment solution. Say hi to our new...

PayPal Integration

Yep, you’ve heard that right! You can now let your visitors pay you on your Balloonary landing page. All you need to do is connect your account and configure PayPal, right in the  landing page editor. The new integration supports 22 currencies, multiple button styles and labels and even country based shipping fees.

Every order that comes in will not only be listed in PayPal but also in Balloonary. So you can keep a unified overview of all your performance data and act quickly if things work well or need some adjustment.

Coming soon... Facebook

Oh, and one more thing. At the moment we are working hard on a new feature that has been in particularly high demand: Our new Facebook Integration will be ready soon. It will let you create and manage all your Facebook campaigns from within Balloonary. The release will mark a big step for us, as we approach our vision of a true one-stop-shop for DIY marketing even closer.

Stay tuned and most of all, stay well!